The Power of Short Run Printed Ring Binders and Slipcases for High Value Bid Writing

Many of you will be familiar with Showcase Creative because of our folder-printing products: this is where our business began. However, you may not be aware that we print other presentation products in-house, especially ‘Paper over Board’ printed ring binders and slipcases.

example of a slim style printed ring binder

A distinctive feature of our printing process is that we specialise in short run, high quality products. What is unique about our printed ring binders and slipcases is that they can be produced in runs as low as one, while still exceeding the quality of their traditional (store bought), long run counterparts. Such a bespoke capability has opened up a whole new market and we are now working with some large and prestigious companies who want, and need, this kind of personalised service.

Tender and Bid Writing

One of the main uses for ring binders and slip cases is bid and tender writing. When a company is bidding for an opportunity that is potentially worth millions, such as an architectural proposal for a new construction site or bidding on a large engineering deal, everything possible needs to be done in order to increase the chances of winning the business. Submitting a bid proposal in an easy to read, professional-looking format is an important piece of the puzzle.

There are many advantages to using short run ring binders such as flexibility, durability and perceived value, as well as the ability to use variable artwork.

Flexibility at the Last Minute

Changes can be made to a bid right up to the last minute so the binding solution needs to be ready and waiting for the content to be inserted just before it is presented.

The document’s pages can be printed in-house or at our printing facility and transferred to the ring binders later on which enables full flexibility. Pages and whole sections can be changed and replaced days, if not hours, before submission.

A bid or tender response will usually be sent to multiple people within an organisation, each specialising in a different area. It is important that these people can find the information that specifically relates to their role, quickly and easily. High quality tabbed dividers are essential when presenting lots of information because they guide the reader easily to the appropriate section of the presentation. Tabs can be produced in a number of different ways to enhance the navigability of the document. For example, a double bank of tabs could split the document into two categories, each containing a number of sub-categories.

Tabbed Dividers

Ring Binders That Last

Presentation folders or wire bound documents are great for small proposals, manuals or training literature. However, these more traditional methods don’t stand up to the task when pitching for a multi-million pound/dollar deal. The number of pages included in these documents warrants something more substantial. The tender is likely to be handed around to many different people and thoroughly studied, so it is crucial to bind the documentation in an aesthetically pleasing way, carefully protected by a hard-wearing case. We usually suggest using a four hole D ring to ensure that the pages are held in place securely and movement in the pages is restricted.

The thickness of the ring binder needs to be between 2mm and 3mm to ensure that the binder won’t bend under the weight of the document or constant opening and closing. Matt or gloss lamination is available, to protect the print from scuffing and potential accidents, such as coffee spillages.

At Showcase Creative, we can produce short run ring binders to hold documents securely in place, in any shape or size to suit your specific needs, from smaller than A6 to larger than A3, in either portrait or landscape.

Perceived Value

Showcase Creative produces high quality print, paying particular attention to the colour management. This is a critical element of the bid process for companies who are bidding or tendering for large projects where their brand integrity must be maintained at all times. We offer full pantone colour matching as well as matt and gloss lamination, foil blocking, embossing and spot UV. Please take a look at our Special Finishes section for more information.

The ultimate in durability and perceived value can be achieved when ring binders and slipcases are used together. The perceived quality and effort that goes into a high quality ring binder and slipcase really makes people take notice.


Variable Artwork

Another added bonus of short run printing is that we can use variable data, which means that each item can have different artwork. This could relate to just a different title on each ring binder or it could be a whole different set of graphics.

There are certain scenarios where this flexible option can be beneficial. Sometimes a project can contain many volumes of information, so each binder can contain a volume with different titles, artwork and tabbed dividers to go inside it.

A tender group may purchase ring binders together as a more cost-effective solution and ensure synergy is maintained across the board.

Multi-site projects are another great opportunity to use for variable artwork. An elegant example of this is the CenterParcs forest management plan (pictured below).

CenterParcs Ring Binders


Customised ring binders and slipcases are a simple yet effective way for a company to present a professional, organised tender submission.  Let Showcase Creative combine all of your bespoke print requirements, to give you the best possible chance of winning that bid.

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