The Importance of Branded Freebies

I heart freebiesSo you’re presenting at an exhibition – congratulations! You have all of your marketing ready – banners, videos, and staff. You thought about getting some cheap throw away USB sticks branded to give away as freebies, but decided not to bother. Nobody keeps those things anyway right?

Well mostly no, but if you do it right, a freebie can work really hard for you in ways other marketing just can’t. You just need to make your freebies stand out from those that every other stand in the hall is giving away.

But how do you make your freebies interesting?

Make it useful or unique

When most people think of a freebie, they think of a branded pen or notepad. But instead, why don’t you try and make your freebie a little original? Instead of a pen or a USB stick, why don’t you give away a stress ball (any shape) or a set of branded folders? Or be original by giving away silicone IPhone amplifiers or USB cup warmers (these are all things we have collected as freebies over the years – and we still have them!). By making your freebie unique, you can  stand out from the sea of other freebies, and make sure every single person who picks one up remembers you and your company name.

Don’t overdo it

We all love a freebie, so it’s understandable that you would want to use them to win your customers favour. But there is such a thing as overdoing it. If your small business or start up is giving away too many freebies, it can come across as a little desperate. Sure, people will still pick them all up, but not because they are interested in your brand, or even what the free thing is – they just want it because it’s free. Be careful with what you chose to give away and how much of it, it can sometimes backfire if you’re not careful.

Don’t be too obvious

We all know that when a company gives away freebies, they want something from you. It’s a marketing ploy, and one we all know well. And while that might not stop people from picking up one of your notepads and a handful of branded pens, it might put them off from actually buying something from you. If you are too obvious with your giveaways (‘Hey, you! I’ll give you this pen for free if you buy some stuff from me!) then it will give off a negative impression of your brand, ultimately undermining the whole point of giving away freebies. Instead, encourage your customers to use social media to talk about your freebies. Ask them to tweet you, or share of Facebook to tell you what they think – but don’t ask any more of them. Social media is the best free advertising you can get, so take advantage of it and make something shareable!

Whilst a lot of people are fast turning off the idea of giving away freebies in any capacity, we still think this is a great idea. Branded stationary, branded ring binders or other, more unique items can actually give you more of an edge over the competition, especially as more and more companies are either turning away from the idea altogether, or still just giving away pens. Be daring, original and exciting, give away things that look like they are worth something, that are useful, and your customers will not only respect you more for it, but they will remember who you are. And after all – isn’t that why you’re giving out freebies in the first place?

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