Powerpoint – How Do I Make a Great Presentation?

Presentation Pins Nowadays when we want to present, the first thing we go to is Powerpoint. It’s been around for years, but it’s the simplest and easiest way to convey your point in a meeting. They can help support a speech, convey complicated concepts or draw attention to a particular concept.

When done right they can the perfect tool, but we’ve seen our fair share of disastrous power points. We all know what they look like – a nervous presenter reading directly from a screen so full of tiny text you’re not sure what any of it says anymore. So we’ve compiled a list of golden rules to help you construct the perfect power point.

1) Don’t overload it with text

Don’t use the slides as a way of writing down every single word that you want to say. You will end up with so much text your audience won’t know what to do with it – and it makes your speaking a little redundant.

If they can read everything you say on the slides, why not just send them to them and cut out the middle man? Or get the slide pack printed in a branded ring binder and hand those out?

Use your slides as cue cards – highlight the key points of your speech, draw out diagrams or use graphics to illustrate what you’re saying.

2) Don’t read from the slides

This is a classic mistake – once you’ve overloaded the power point with everything you want to say, you then stand up in front of your captive audience and read it all out. As we said before, this technique makes you as the presenter somewhat redundant – you might as well not be there.

So don’t read from the slides. If you’ve put them together effectively, you will be able to use your few main points as prompts, and elaborate on them for your listeners. Learn what you want to say in advance – not only does it look more professional but it also gives you more authority on your subject. If you appear to know what you’re talking about (even if you don’t!) you command more respect from the audience. So get your eyes off the slides and on the audience!

3) Keep it consistent

This might seem like a simple thing, but it can make or break a presentation. Make sure once you chose an element for your presentation, stick with it throughout. Whether it’s a colour scheme, a font or the tone you’re writing in, make sure you keep it the same. If you chop and change this can make you seem inconsistent and unsure, and confuses your audience. Use your company logo, create special frames for images or quotes, and use them constantly, just make sure you don’t overload the slides with them.

4) Use images

Images are a perfect way to get your audience’s attention and snap them out of any daydreams they might be in. Images are the perfect way to counterbalance the text in your slides, but be careful you’re not using them just for decoration! Images can reinforce or compliment your messages, giving a visual example of what you are talking about. A picture can say a thousand words, so use this to your advantage. Also don’t be afraid of using animations and media in your presentation. Short videos, music clips or animation shorts are a great way of setting yourself apart from other presentations and make a lasting impression.

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