Interview with Matt Jones of Imtech

We’re glad to be able to bring back this feature to talk about the work we do with some really interesting and inspirational businesses. Imtech is certainly one of them and they produce some great design work. We spoke to Matt Jones, Creative Marketing Manager at Imtech about the company and their proposal design:

Hi, thanks for taking some time with us, how are you?
Very well thanks, I have recently been out on site visits taking photos so it’s great to see some of our finished projects.

So, tell us what it is you do?
I am the Creative Marketing Manager responsible for design work at Imtech, one of the largest technical services providers in the UK and Ireland providing engineering services, technical facilities management and systems integration.

Presentation box for tender

So how and why did you get into this industry?
I ran my own design company for many years before joining Imtech. What I really enjoy about my role is the job satisfaction and opportunity to use my creative skills to support some of the complex projects and proposals we work on.

What do you most enjoy about your business?
As a company we are constantly innovating and it’s great to be able to use my design skills to focus on the impact we want to have on a potential client. I love being able to create something that shows the thought and care we have put into our work and how important that client is to us.Box packaging for tender

What is the highlight so far in your career?

As a designer I take inspiration from everywhere and I enjoy seeing the project at different stages. I get to work on the presentation of proposals and add a creative aspect to the work and then get to make site visits to record the end of a project.
This particular project was really enjoyable as we were working on a tender and wanted to demonstrate that we had really thought about the client when submitting our proposal. It was essential that the quality of the packaging matched the quality of the proposal itself.
We wanted the proposal presented in a way that looked like a section of turf cut from the pitch and were looking for a solution that created the right first impression and was the perfect packaging for the other items we had developed to accompany the tender.
We were also aware that we only needed three boxes so we had to find the right print partner.

Print ideas for presenting a proposal

How do you promote your business? Is it important that it is presented effectively?

In our industry there is a risk that proposals could be presented in a very formal, simplistic way. What I really enjoy is the freedom I have to consider how we can present our work to clients that make it stand out and reflect the quality of the work Imtech delivers, from initial proposals, through the project itself and beyond.
Well, we’re grateful you used us for your project. Could you tell us why you chose Showcase Creative?
We were looking for a short run production of bespoke rigid boxes and folders that could be delivered in short timescale and to a high quality. We needed to find the right partner to produce custom paper over board boxes and binders.

And how was your experience with us?
We were delighted with the work from Showcase Creative. The quality was exceptional and you pulled out all the stops to ensure it was delivered on time.
It’s such a joy to find a great company who produce an excellent end product.

And we obviously love your design, hence asking to showcase it on our blog. Can you tell us a bit about how it was designed and who it was designed by?
As the in house designer at Imtech I really enjoyed working on this one and wanted to show how we had really thought about the client and that we had put a lot of effort and care into the proposal and the way we presented it. I therefore thought about the different aspects of the project and took my inspiration from it.

Paper over board binder

Any tips for others in your industry?
Being a designer is a very fulfilling career. However. It is very competitive, particularly when you start out. To create a winning design you need to focus on the client and how packaging, presentation and design need to work together to create the right impression and finished product.

Finally, how can people contact you if they would like to find out more about you?
Our website is

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