Interview with Jack Coomber of Body Type Nutrition

We’ve been wanting to bring this feature back to the blog for a while as we get to work with some really interesting and inspirational businesses in our industry. The guys at Body Type Nutrition certainly fit into this category. We felt we had to get to know their company as they are a passionate bunch with some great design work. We spoke to Jack Coomber, Event Manager of Body Type Nutrition about the company and their ring binder design:

Hi, thanks for taking some time with us, how are you?
Amazing, we just put on our first large scale conference and it was a resounding success. At least that will keep the boss happy for a while!

Folder close up 2 PS

So, tell us what it is you do?
I work for my brother (Ben Coomber) who owns two main companies, Body Type Nutrition and Transdermal Technology. I am the events manager as well as general operations. Body Type Nutrition is a nutrition and education platform that is all based online, aiming to increase members health, well being and self perception. We also run an educational course that is 2 years in its entirety, and that is what you manufactured the folders for.

Transdermal Technology is a pre-performance and a recovery supplement that is absorbed through the skin. It is the first of its brand in the industry and is making headway in the intelligent training person. The Performance Spray is a Caffeine, Taurine and Gaurana blend that engages the brain and message pathways to prime them for performance without any of the negative caffeine dosage issues. The Recovery spray is simply a locally applied formula of Magnesium, Zinc, Aginine and Niacin to aid in the recovery process and counteract muscle soreness.

Wow! So how and why did you get into this industry?
Ben and I had always said we wanted to go into business together, he got a head start after he graduated and created these two awesome companies, while I was in university studying Business, and once I graduated he had expanded enough to take me on.

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What do you most enjoy about your business?
The ability to instantly implement and idea that you have thought of while walking the dog or taking a shower. The ability to move forward with your aspiration as a when your motivation carries you. No one tells you how they want you to be creative so their is now assigned direction. This allows you to develop new avenues and expand into new ideas when you see the opportunity. You are also not tied into one role, if you don’t have the knowledge to complete a required task, you don’t ring IT to come up and help you. You have to either sit their til you work it out or go away and read how to.

What is the highlight so far in your career?
I recently put on a conference for Body Type Nutrition, it was the first they have put on. It was successful and have had lots of positive feedback. We are now also doing two more in further locations as we have had demand to do so.

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How do you promote your business? Is it important that it is presented effectively?
We are almost entirely based online, so visual appearance is vital to gaining engagement and eventually a sale. However we are now providing folders and material so that a tangible item can be held by the consumer. This is our way of adding value to what we offer and thus far is proving to be very productive.

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Well, we’re grateful you used us for your print. Could you tell us why you chose Showcase Creative?
Actually it was Jack (Showcase Creative sales), the customer service was impeccable. While i was waiting for other companies to get back to me with quotes and designs, Showcase had given me several quotes on my requirements different options and possibilities on completing the job. The only other company that was considered ended up calling back and said I see you have made contact with Showcase Creative, this is who we subcontract our folder design to.

And how was your experience with us?
I think it should be a question asked the other way round, I was a very needy and demanding customer. For them to complete my requirements and demands then the experience was top rate our end.

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It was our pleasure! And we obviously love your design, hence asking to showcase it on our blog. Can you tell us a bit about how it was designed and who it was designed by?
The design was created from our current logos and colour scheme. We had our freelance designer James Monk of James Monk Design to create a folder that when in the slip case the artwork intertwines with itself so that it creates a seamless effect.

Any tips for others in your industry?
Don’t be afraid to ask very specifically for what you want. A customer sees marketing and visual imagery almost constantly throughout the day on various on and offline media platforms. To stand out in the modern world you have to be very very different.

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Finally, how can people contact you if they would like to find out more about you? is my personal contact.
Same on Twitter and Facebook
Same on Twitter and Facebook

My brother can be found at:
and listen to his number one rated health and fitness iTunes podcast: Ben Coomber Radio

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