Interview with Claire Bueno of Premiere Scene

We get to work with some interesting businesses and often speak to inspiring people. Premier Scene fit into this category. They are enthusiastic about what they do and have some beautiful design work. We asked Senior Producer Claire if she wouldn’t mind telling us a bit about their company:

What do you do and how long have you been doing it?
Premiere Scene is an on-line channel that reports from the red carpet, interviewing film stars and filmmakers when they have a film premiere promoting their latest film release. We’ve been operating for 3 years.

How and why did you get into this industry?
Why? Well, we are passionate about film and filmmaking. We hope through our video internet channel to enlighten our audience on the process of filmmaking and hopefully capture and share a moment in film history. How. We went on courses and had worked within the industry a number of years before setting up Premiere Scene.

What do you enjoy most about your business?
We enjoy being creatively in control of the content we produce and feel proud in producing content to the best of our ability. We have also met the most interesting, inspiring and passionate people who have taken risks because of their self belief and vision. There is always something new to learn which we find fascinating.

What is the highlight so far in your career?
Being passionate about film, seeing our work broadcast in cinemas on the big screen was a massive achievement.

How do you promote your business, and how important is it that it is presented effectively?
Currently through social networking mainly; which is effective to a point. It is really important that we are presented effectively as we want audiences to enjoy what we offer, see our professionalism and therefore keep returning to us.

Why did you use Showcase Creative and how was your experience working with us?
I have no prior knowledge or experience in brochure printing. I searched for printers via Google and found the Showcase Creative website to be the most comprehensive website to use and the prints the most cost effective. It has been such a pleasure working with Showcase Creative. Everything about what we do is about attention to detail, Andy at Showcase Creative was thorough and a great collaborator, he patiently advised me and sent a few proofs through until we had it exactly right. Jack was also extremely helpful in advising me on costs and what would give me the best value for money. I couldn’t be more thrilled by the service given and the outcome!

We obviously love your design hence asking to showcase it on our blog. Can you tell us a bit about how it was designed and who it was designed by?
We have an amazing graphic designer Anthony Zart (email Our intention was to make the brochures as visually enticing as possible. Our website has an art Deco theme so our only request was that we stayed faithful to art Deco and that we use images of our interviewees from the red carpet which we provided along with the wording, then let Anthony work his magic! He certainly did; exceeding our expectations and without his vision and artistry we would have been lost.

Any tips for others in your industry?
Don’t give up!

Finally, how would one contact you if they would like to find out more about you?Visit

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