How To Theme A Successful Corporate Calendar


It’s that time of year again – the decorations start coming out to early and everyone is already signing Christmas jingles to get in the spirit- despite the fact that it’s October. And while you might want to ignore the fact that Christmas is edging closer, there is one thing you can’t ignore- and that’s deciding if you want to issue corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts are usually given by suppliers to their customers at Christmas as a token of appreciation and thanks for their business, but also as a promotional tactic to keep you in their minds. This is where corporate calendars could be a great option for you. A good corporate calendar is not only a good way of rewarding your employees for all their hard work (who doesn’t love a freebie after all!) and a thank you to your customers, but it also increases your public visibility. Yes a good corporate calendar can do great things for you – but a bad one can be devastating. So, how do you theme your corporate calendar to work for you?
Choosing Your Theme

This is an area where you need to tread carefully. Consider who you are sending you calendar to. Is this an internal gift – something to inspire your employees and keep them entertained throughout the year, as well as increasing their productivity? Then maybe a theme like ‘Exceptional Employees’ or ‘Inspirational Projects’ might work. You might want a more humorous tone, and theme it around office jokes – there are some great ones out there!

But if it’s being sent to a customer, you want to be sure that whatever your theme, it is projecting a positive and successful image. We know you’re not about to send out a calendar titled ‘Our Falling Stocks’, but it’s still an important point to consider. Will your calendar be a traditional 31 day squares and a photo affair, or will it have a more daring design? There are some fantastic and innovative design ideas here. Make sure you include any important company dates in your calendar too (and we don’t mean Shirley in accounting’s birthday) to help increase awareness.

Never underestimate the importance of this. While a calendars’ primary purpose is to inform you of the date and what you have booked in – it has to be something that looks nice sat on your desk or hung on your office wall. Having a selection of beautiful and professional photos to include will only ever go well for you. Human beings are very visual people – and if something comes through the post for us that we weren’t expecting, we are much more likely to keep it if it looks good.
Quality Of Printing

This might seem like something that isn’t all that important – but the quality of printing you chose can say a lot about your company and your values. If your calendar is printed on coarse, grainy paper with slightly smudged ink, it gives the impression that your company is cheap and doesn’t care about the way it presents itself. But if your calendar is printed on the highest quality paper stock, laminated and bound professionally – it gives across a completely different, and much more positive impression. For more information on creating beautiful, high quality calendars that really sell your business, get in touch with us at Showcase Creative here.

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