How to Put Together a Perfect Portfolio

Ring PortfolioOne of the best ways to use your personalised, custom designed presentation folder from Showcase Creative is as a stunning professional portfolio. Beside your charming personality and fantastic work ethic, a fantastic portfolio may be the thing that wins you a job over the next interviewee in line. Your portfolio should be an extension of you and your quality, giving them proof that you are made of what you say, and not just full of hot air.

Showcase Creative produces presentation folders and portfolio sleeves, and we understand the need for slick, professional and creative presentation. All of our fully customised folders are created at competitive prices, and they make the perfect home for your fantastic work. But sometimes we can be a bit unsure about what to put in our portfolio, so we wanted to share some advice for a tip top creative portfolio.

1. Pick only your best

It might be tempting to put everything you’ve ever done in your portfolio, but this is a very bad idea. While you might think it makes you seem experienced, it actually works against you. As any creative will agree- not all of your projects are winners, and showcasing the good with the bad doesn’t give off the best impression. Those who are reading your portfolio want to see the best of the best – the innovative and creative, so make sure you pick work that really makes you shine.

2. Don’t be afraid to include personal work

This may seem a bit off in a professional portfolio, but it can be the difference between a good and a great portfolio. It can showcase talents that you might not have used in your professional work, and will help them see you in a more three dimensional way. It can open up a realm of possibilities that didn’t exist before, and even gives them an insight into the way you work. Just make sure your clients/ interviewers will see value in it, otherwise it might seem a little lost!

3. Be selective

Instead of thinking of your portfolio as a collection of individual pieces of work, try and think of it as a whole piece in itself. Make sure each piece of work you include is working to reinforce the same, single message to your clients or interviewer. If you know they want a certain thing, then  tailor your portfolio to show them you are the solution. There is no shame in tailoring your portfolio for each audience – it’s no different to having several versions of your CV.

Man with Portfolio4. Show off!

The common thing people do with their portfolio is use it as a record of all the things they have done up until that point. While this is a great thing to do, you should also use it as an opportunity to show off your best work. Make it a way of showing them how diverse your talents are, how professional you can be and most importantly, how good you are at what you do. Show off your ideas, and show them just what they can expect from you.

5. Keep it up to date

There’s nothing worse than an out of date portfolio. While your work from 2 years ago may be great, odds are you are better now, and this is what you want people to see. Every time you complete a new project, ask yourself, ‘is this good enough for my portfolio?’. if the answer is yes – put it in! Shuffle your work and cycle out some older work in place of the new. This keeps it fresh and exciting, and lets you show you best work all the time

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