Getting Your Artwork Print Ready

We are very excited about our competitions starting again!  If you haven’t seen the blog post have a look here.

As we mentioned, the terms for the winners are: you send the artwork, we print it.  Simple! However, for those of you who may not be too savvy in the ways of setting up documents and getting your artwork “print ready” we want to make sure you send the files in the right format!
Below we have listed the key set-up points to follow:
Document Size & Bleed
It is important to make sure your artwork is set-up in the correct dimensions with the right amount of bleed. The sizes for the products you will see in our competitions are as follows:
Business cards – 85x55mm + 3mm bleed on each edge
– A6 flyers – 105x148mm + 3mm bleed on each edge
– A6 wedding invites – same as above
– A5 leaflets – 148x210mm + 3mm bleed on each edge
– A5 4 page folded leaflets – A4 folded to A5. A4 size is 297x210mm + 3mm Bleed on each edge
– A6 notepads – 105x148mm + 3mm bleed on each edge
– Comp slips – 1/3 A4 – 210x99mm + 3mm bleed on each edge
– Letterheads – A4 – 210x297mm + 3mm bleed on each edge.
Make sure all images and artwork are 300dpi.
Print Colour
Images and document are converted to CMYK.
File Type
The artwork you send us should be a high resolution PDF or JPEG.
If you’re not sure what some of these terms mean, all these points are detailed on our Artwork Best Practices page.
There are a few extra points we want to suggest before you start creating your artwork.
1. Avoid using a font size smaller than 7pt as small text can loose definition when printed
2. Make sure any black text is 100% K
3. You may have fonts installed on your computer that we don’t have here so make sure you Outline any fonts you have used.
4. Make sure you have implemented a safe zone and quiet zone.
Finally, before savingyour artwork, delete or hide any template layers or guidelines and remember to save as a high resolution PDF or JPEG!
Our first competition starts next week so make sure you’re following us on Twitter and keep an eye out for the post to Retweet!
Happy creating!

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