Fun New Uses For The Same Old Office Stationery

rubber band streamers

So every year you need to use up your office supplies budget before it renews, and this is usually the time when everyone places their orders for useless bits of office stationery that will likely sit in the drawers until next year rolls around. We all use staples, but do we really need 50 boxes probably not. So in the run up to the festive season and the end of year budget blowing, we have come up with some new ideas for using up your extra stationery.


A Post-It Piñata: A fantastic way to add some festive cheer to your office and use up some old post-its too. Just create your shape with cardboard and glue, cover it in post-it notes and fill with goodies!

Origami Post-It Boxes: Great for storing loads of little knick knacks that end up cluttering your desk. They won’t hold much, but they look great and add a dash of colour to your desk.

Drawing Pins

Vase Fillers: Perfect if you have a bunch of old drawing pins of odd colours. Just pack them into a Styrofoam ball, grab a can of your favourite spray paint and go nuts! They make fantastic space fillers and great addition to your decor – not to mention a conversation piece if you have them in your corporate colours!

Wall Art: Add a bit of glitz to your office this Christmas and go with a gold theme. Just get gold of some coloured canvases, sketch out a design and get pinning! It’s a fantastic way to spruce up your office, show your crafty side and make some use out of those bent, pesky drawing pins.

Christmas Tree Decorations: If you can get hold of some plastic balls then you can have some cheap and beautiful home-made decorations adorning your tree this Christmas. A great craft to do with your kids – just keep an eye out for those pointy ends!

Floppy Disks

Pen Holder: Take advantage of the vintage tech that is almost unusable and bring it back to life! Turn an old office supply into a way to store new office supplies with this handy floppy desk pen holder.

Note Books: Vintage is in at the moment – and you will be the height of fashion with your very own floppy disk note book – these have become our new favourite place to jot down new ideas.

Rubber Bands

Party Streamers: Office still looking a bit dry and drab? Why not liven it up for the festivities with the grown up version of a daisy chain. These are easy to put together and look stunning when they’re done!

Pen Pot: Spruce up an old pen pot with all those odd shaped and sized rubber bands you have lying around. The more variety in colour and size you have – the more interesting the pattern you can come up with!

Paper Clips and Staples

Arrow Bookmarks: Never turn the corner of a page again to keep your place. Add some polymer clay or even a simple paper arrow to a paperclip and you can even keep the place on your page.

Heart Bracelet: If you are like a lot of companies now who are going paperless, you probably don’t have a lot of use for spare staples. So instead, string them together to make this beautiful heart bracelet. These make lovely and thoughtful gifts for the ladies in the office.

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