Avoiding ‘White Noise’ Pitfalls With Modern Offline Marketing


With so much focus on online marketing these days, many businesses are missing out on the benefits of proven offline marketing strategies.

In the dynamic marketing environment in which we now operate, it’s always wise for businesses to test, measure and re-evaluate the effectiveness of their promotional strategies, both offline and online.

White Noise

The internet is an increasingly competitive and crowded space – businesses jostling for position, all struggling to get their marketing message in front of the right audience. We are hearing more and more about how consumers are putting up psychological barriers to online advertisements, sales pitches, and cold-call emails – the ‘white noise’ of the internet. Others are easily distracted by the competing marketing messages with which they are presented as they skip from one website to another.

Getting Physical

However, they ARE reconnecting with ‘the physical’: a paper letter or a CD in the mail, a follow up phone call, a face to face meeting or presentation. This is most particularly the case for customers who expect the personal touch, who appreciate that you go out of your way to tailor your communication especially to them.

3 Winning Offline Marketing Tips

Our creative design team at Showcase Creative is on hand to help you to choose the printed products to support your marketing objectives. Promotional DVDs are particularly strong right now, and both printed calendars and DVD calendars have staged a dramatic comeback.

Custom Promotional DVDs

Picture this: Your customer or prospect receives your custom DVD in the post – directly to their home or office. The packaging is clever, memorable and enticing – so they are curious – you have their attention. When they pop the DVD into their entertainment system or computer, you have their focus, whether they are at home, in the office, or even sitting at an airport. The first key to promotional DVD engagement is without doubt the creative design of its physical self – the printing of the DVD, its case, even its postal packaging.


It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t like a free gift, and a calendar is an ideal one for your customers – one that will remind them of your services as they prepare for the year ahead. Giving your customer a calendar printed with your logo and contact details will help to keep your company and products “top-of-mind” throughout the year. Your calendar doesn’t have to be traditional though. We find that CD calendars, which are small and easy to display, are so attractive that they often find a home in businesses reception areas. CD calendars have a modern look which may be just right for your customers.

Cleverly Packaged CDs

Packaged CDs continue to be a great way to get the attention of customers, regardless of which industry you are in. Often a physical product like a CD carries with it the perception of ‘high-value’. Perhaps you want to send a sample of some software to a customer, or you have created an information product as a lead in to your sales funnel. Whatever its purpose, a CD is a valuable marketing tool – but its packaging is the key. The packaging of the CD is the first thing that the recipient will see. Depending on your marketing budget you may opt for a simple CD wallet with your logo on the front, or something more sophisticated like a 4 paneled CD case with folders inserted. It all depends on your budget and the impression you want to make on your target customers. Information marketing such as this is one of the most effective types of online marketing, and it has a place in the offline world as well – but it is important to get the packaging just right. Anything you send out to your prospects and customers will be a reflection of your company. Before they even access the content, they will be judging you from the packaging. This is why at Showcase Creative we offer to put together the whole package for you – from the physical product through to the mailing packaging.

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