4 Reasons to use Presentation Folders for Your Marketing

Ring Binder One thing that most people use during a sales pitch or meeting is a presentation folder. You can get them at any supermarket in a standard range of coloured and styles- but the truly unique ones are those who have them custom made with their own branding and design. There folders stand out in a room full of them, draw the eye and help you keep all that important information ready all the time. While we may have all the information in the world at our fingertips thanks to the internet, we don’t always have instant access, and that can be a problem. But with a sleek presentation folder for your vital information, that’s solved.

So this month we have put together a few ways using presentation folders and materials in your marketing can be the perfect way to boost your business.


First impressions matter, and that is what marketing materials are all about. A presentation folder can be a great way to make a big impact straight off – and unlike banners, leaflets or brochures, presentation folders have a huge amount of space for your materials. You could even use it to make yourself stand out that little bit further, by using the extra space to hold business cards, or small branded CD’s or gifts for your clients. Because Showcase Creative can personalise your folder to suit your needs, you can even have custom pockets or sections for these little extras.


Nothing says organised professional like co-ordinated stationary. Whether you’re presenting to a board of directors or giving out free samples – a fully branded and customised folder to hold it all in will not only make you look professional, but it will also support your branding. Give people some high quality sales materials in a high quality, well designed folder and it improves the image or your brand straight away – you’re organised, slick, professional and care about quality.

Lasting Impression

It’s not only the first impression that makes the difference in sales situations. You also want you clients to remember you and what you do – and the best way to do that is by the materials you give them. An impressive folder will be something they don’t want to just throw away – and every time they use it, they will be reminded of you. Creating a lasting impression is the key to moving forward with a sale, and having professional, sleek and memorable marketing materials is a great way to help you on your way.


The beauty of having a well made and visually stunning presentation folder is that they are incredibly versatile. As well as creating a big impact and a lasting impression, you can use them for other purposes, such as promotional materials, calling cards, freebies and more. This makes them a great way to get your message and your branding out – all you need is a little imagination and you can think of hundreds of uses for your presentation folders that aren’t just presenting!

There are so many things you can use a personalised presentation folder for – but when it comes to making a professional and memorable impression on your customers, there is no better way to do it. Team it up with an  interesting variety of materials and a range of co-branded stationary to really wow your clients and make the most of your opportunities.

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